How and where to enter cheat codes in mobile games iOS and Android

First of all, I want to say that those regular users who already use our cheat codes, most likely will not tell you where to enter them, because the fewer competitors, the better for them. We also hold the view that if these cheats do not get under the general review, then they really will be useful and they will not be blocked in the game for too frequent use. Using them, you will get a real advantage. Therefore, in order to receive instructions for entering cheats, we made a test that will prove that you are not a robot and you really need these cheats. Due to the fact that the fulfillment of these conditions can take up to 10 minutes, many readers refuse to go through them, thereby enabling you to gain an advantage. All people who using cheat codes at now, have passed this procedure themselves and you also need to go through it to get the instruction.

You've probably met incredibly strong players in the games, and do they think they throw money into the game? With a low probability, the answer is positive, but in most cases, it's the users of cheats. Do you want to be among the best? Then follow the instructions:

  1. To start timer press START
  2. Go to the home page of
  3. Open any article
  4. Wait at least 60 seconds
  5. After 60 seconds, go back to the home page of
  6. Open any other article and wait at least 60 seconds
  7. So you need to view 5 articles.

After completing these steps, go to this page, and here appears a field for entering your phone number or e-mail, to which we will send you instructions. If suddenly, the field for input did not appear, then you were on some article less than 60 seconds. Try to look at one more article or add this site to bookmarks in your browser.

Author: HacksOk